Romeo is a massive cunt and I love him so much

Bedman, actual name Romeo F. Neumann, is an assassin for the Sanctus Populli, who has a disability where his body can't physically keep up with his intellegence. Because of this, he has been in a coma since he was born, although he can still manipulate the waking world from his dreams. Desite this, he can still move and interract with the world by his high density bed frame. Although abolutely silent in the waking world, he has a verbose vocabulary and is rather arrogant, condescending, and braggadocious. His main driving goal is to create an "absolute world" where he and his little sibling, Delilah, who has the same disability as him, can exist in the waking world, and everyone he's ever killed will also be revived. This fucking fails obviously. The dipshit. The idiot.

But yeah, Romeo is one of my favourite characters in Guilty Gear. I love characters that require you to play 4D Chess using a strange mechanic most people have to do homework beforehand to properly prepare for. I love that he has one of the most useless supers in Xrd. I got Xrd SIGN back when I was still in college, and I wanted to play him so badly but everyone told me not to play him so I picked up Ky because he was a "suitable character for beginners" and I hated it and put down guilty gear for years. Then I picked up Strive, stuck with Ky because he was still "a good choice for beginners" and still hated it and put it back down. Then I went to EVO 2023 and realised that I could just play whoever I wanted, beginner friendly or no, so I picked up Bedman in Xrd and Bedman? in Strive and had the most fun I've ever had with Guilty Gear. So the advice "play whoever you want to play" really does work out, even if said character's mechanic is stupidly complicated to set up and execute! Also he is basically me in a sense.

Since you scrolled all the way down here, here's a fun fact: like his sibling, Romeo was named after one of Freddie Mercury's cats. He also was an older brother, but to Lily, not Delilah.