Yes, this is a seperate shrine for Hemi Jack because I love it so much

Hemi Jack is straight up the worst, most useless super in any version of Xrd, and I love it so much because of that. It is such a useless sheep that ANYONE with the slightest amount of braincells and knowledge of bedman is going to question why you threw it out, and that's why I try to throw it out at least once per match.

So why does Hemi Jack suck so much ass?

Technically, Hemi Jack CAN stun the opponent, so there's that, but the damage DOES scale, so you need to keep the combos short and simple, and that's about the end of the strategic benefits to Hemi Jack.

The downsides? Oh, where do I begin. You can hit Hemi Jack. If you hit it three times, it goes away. If about 9 seconds pass, it goes away. If Bedman gets hit, it goes away. Just putting it out puts bedman in a VERY vunerable spot, too, so you have to be VERY sure of what you're doing. In addition to this, you basically have to fling your opponent into it in order for it to hit, since it doesn't hit grounded opponents, and that's much, MUCH easier said than done with Bedman. In addition to this, you can combo into instakill off of it, but good luck because it leaves you far enough away that if you did stun, it's gonna wear off before you can land an instakill.

Depite all of this, though, I can't bring myself to hate Hemi Jack. It's such a little guy that I just can't help but love it. It's literally just a spooky sheep! How could you hate it! It's also really satisfying to actually get it to land. One of my main goals as a Bedman main is to one day be able to combo off it into an instakill, and I've almost done it once online!