The whole purpose of this page is for me to show you the Guilty Gear 25th anniversary outfit Delilah has because I love it so much (and some other merch and also my gripes)

I got my standee in and my postcard framed!!! I just really like this one pop up shop's dress, and I'm even making it for EVO this year! Also please be sure to thank your local postal worker because mine had to go through five inches of snow to make sure my post card came in and I am eternally grateful for her.

Okay, seriously.

Honestly, other than the GG 25th anniversary merch and a really cute charm from Comiket 2023, Delilah just doesn't have any really good merch that isn't just the Bedman? render slapped onto something or the SD chibi (which I kinda don't like, even though I use it like twice on my site), and that's incuding things I can find in Japan markets. The int. Arcsys store is worse! The two items you can get that have bedman are a $20 fabric charm that has such shitty print quality that Delilah just kinda blends into the bed, and a chibi card which. Hoo boy. Buckle up.

So you could buy any of the strive chibi cards. Except for Bedman?. Why is that? The Arcsys store lists the Bedman? chibi cards as "not readily available for sale. To have a chance of acquiring these event-exclusive cards for your collection, keep a lookout for special site offers, bundles, mystery boxes, or limited-time flash sales." So the only way I could get them through Arcsys is by buying a bundle of stuff I probably don't want and just praying that I get the card. I've also heard that you could get it by spending at least $100 at the Arcsys store, but I'm not spending $100 just for a card! So I did the most reasonable thing I thought I could do as someone who wanted the chibi card.

I paid $5 + shipping for a silver one from a reseller on Ebay. That's $5 cheaper than what they were selling the cards for. I hate buying from resellers, but it was actually the only way I could aquire the card without wasting a ton of money. I honestly couldn't give two shits on wether or not it's a fake, I'm just super mad about the situation.

Fan Merch

Luckily, when offical sources fail, fans fill the demand pretty well! Here's some charms I have on my fightstick!

Both of these were done by Wavechan!

This one's done by SpaceDey!

And this sheep sticker on the front of my fightstick is done by yours truely!

And thank you to Dragon for making the art for this nifty little reminder I have to use when I play Strive!