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Delilah is Bedman's little sibling, who has the same disability as him. In Xrd, he uses the last of his ability to wake them up, and Strive's Another story follows their attempt to get revenge on Happy Chaos, who had caused their brother's death. In their travels they eventually run into Anji Mito, who tells them that Baiken is persuing after the same guy they are.

Gameplay-wise, they accompany their brother's old bed. They actually don't attack, instead begging either for the bed to stop attacking people or the opponent to not break their brother's bed (unless the opponent is Happy Chaos.) Strategy-wise, however, they are good at causing visual noise and clutter for an opponent which could cause them to trip up in cross-ups.

Why do I like Delilah so much? Easy! Because they remind me a lot of me, and also they're just really adorable! I also see a lot of people give them a lot of shit for being "bland," "annoying," or them and Bedman? entirely "a waste of a character slot," in comparison to their brother, so I just want to give them the same amount of appreciation that Romeo often gets.

And a fun fact since you scrolled down this far: Delilah is actually named after Freddie Mercury's favourite cat! He loved her so much, he even wrote a whole song about her!