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The dreamer, the dreamer, the everlasting dreamer
The younger of two siblings trapped in eternal sleep
While one still talks to the waking world
The other explores and dances in their dreams

In today's wonderings, they go to a summoned friend
One their brother called to ease the loneliness
Lilith, queen of the night, first wife of Adam
Albeit softened to be more of a friend to his dear sibling

Today they come to play with her again
But she is far different today than what the dreamer knew
She shreaks at the poor dreamer, bearing her sharp talons
And stared into their soul with her six eyes

Their brother, now with bloodstained hands, changed their friend
Made her a weapon in his set of knives
But made her so frightening to his poor sibling
That they begged for him to never call her again

Years later, after the dreamer is wide awake,
Scared and abandoned and alone
They follow the ritual their brother once preformed
And her terrible form appeared once more

Lilith perched on the branch of a tree
Preening her feathers with an unseen beak
She turns her six eyes to her summoner
and softens her eyes to the familiar sight

"Lilith," the dreamer cried, "hear my plea,
I do not ask for revenge, for I abandoned it long ago
I ask instead for your company and protection
For my brother is gone, and you and HemiJack are all that are left"

"My dear, I have always been watching," she says,
"Your brother gave me claws and fangs
But never really could take my love for you away
Of course I will protect you, as your brother once did."

"I ask only for one thing of yours,
And I know it bothers you so I shall help
Give me the part of your name that resembles mine
And I shall give you my help and guidance"