As you might've guessed, Guilty Gear is one of my favourite fighting games. I love it's rampant, off the wall action, its at times insane story, and of course, the shitload of metal and rock references baked into every character. I even went to EVO last year and had a blast!

UPDATE: I'M GOING TO EVO AGAIN THIS YEAR!!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!! I'd also like to say the fun thing that I went to support my friends at the KoF finals at evo, and we got front seats to it, so me and my fiance are on the KoF at evo promo stuff despite the fact that I don't play KoF because I don't like how it feels lmao

That's me on the left with the pokemon shirt and that's my fiance on the right of me also holding the banner! This was taken from the EVO 2024 announcement stream!

This is my baby! Mayflash F500 with Sanwa buttons and lever and custom art by Dragon!

(I'm so sorry, women)