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a badge of Delilah dressed like Noah from Daemon bride. They are crouched down while '2B' is beneath them Painting of Delilah from Guilty Gear hugging the finger of Bedman?'s hand Delilah from guilty gear with 7 eyes, the text above her saying SHE HAD HER FACE badge of Axl Low from guilty gear Andy from Advance Wars, holding a wrench and sitting on a barrel Duo Long from King of Fighters a catboy striking a pose, with a planet in one of his hands
image of Shining rebellion from Daemon Bride gripping the head of Judgement Day Painting of A.B.A's instakill from Guilty gear plus R Ángel from the King of fighters, doing the bull horns gesture Delilah from Guilty gear in front of a snowy mountain scene badge of Bedman from guilty gear Lash from Advance wars, holding up a peace sign Bedman flinging hemi jack, with the caption reading 'Woe Sheep be upon ye' Delilah holding a fightstick. Bedman is behind her